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5 Tips on Teaching Your Puppy Obedience

Training your puppy early on is the best way to improve their behavior and keep them happy and healthy. Your companion will become well-adjusted and behave at its full potential. When you’re ready to start training your pup basic tricks and commands, we’ve got a few tips for you to keep in mind.

Check out these top 5 tips on teaching your puppy obedience.

Stay Consistent.

Pet owners must be consistent with their training and never let certain behaviors get unnoticed. If you don’t want your dog to jump on the furniture, go for a consistent “no” and distract your pup with a toy on the floor. Allowing your dog to climb on the couch when you’re watching television will ultimately confuse them.

Keep Sessions Short and Sweet

Keep your training sessions frequent but short. You can train them three times a day for a maximum of five to ten minutes. Dogs are known to get tired and lazy of following their training after fifteen minutes. If you don’t give your dog a break, you will notice them starting to lose focus and not learn the lesson at all.

Train Before Meal Time

Make it a mission to make a quick session before mealtime. This will create a positive connection between teaching obedience and rewarding with food. This will train the puppy to focus on the task to receive their meal.

Don’t Get Impatient or Frustrated

Don’t punish your pup what might seem like stubbornness. If you are still in the middle of training your dog and growing impatient, this will only slow down your dog’s progress from learning. Learn that it is okay to take a break and prepare for another time.

Give a Reward For Every Positive Action

From treats to scratches and belly rubs, giving your pup a reward for something he has done right will continue his nature. He wants to make you happy, make means he will be sure to repeat the behavior he was rewarded for.

Got any tips on how to teach you puppy obedience? Comment below and share your tips with us!

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